The unconventional baby shower

P1140475 (2)For most of my life I would probably have described myself as a non-traditionalist. While I’ve always enjoyed celebrating Christmas and birthdays I’ve never felt the need to eat the same food with the same people at the same time each year. To celebrate Christmas I’d be happy if it was a great curry and a bunch of friends and family on Boxing Day. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed and relished the times when people come together to celebrate momentous life events and holidays. I love these rituals of connection and Sam and Erin’s unconventional baby shower delighted my heart.

The grandparents to be cant wait
The grandparents to be cant wait

We had been expecting an invite to an October wedding but that had been cancelled with the impending arrival of a baby girl. Instead, the unconventional baby shower invite arrived and offered “Beer, Bubbles and Barbeque” at their place in Sydney. At first we weren’t going to go. We thought it was a bit over the top to get on a plane and fly to Sydney for a baby shower. As the date of the celebration came closer we felt more and more compelled to go. After all what could be more important than surrounding new parents with love, support and a clear message that we are here for you and your family. Many of the guests must have had similar thoughts. The grandparents-to-be travelled from Foster and Adelaide, a prospective aunty and uncle with their three toddler daughters from Armidale, a best friend from the Sunshine Coast with her four year old daughter, and a cousin from Melbourne. They were joined by many friends and family who had crossed Sydney to join the celebrations.

P1140453 (2)This was not a girls-only party, the blokes were also invited to join the celebrations. Sydney turned on a beautiful spring day. The Mum-to-be amazed us all with her cooking and baking skills. The barbeque tongs were passed around the men and I smiled at the young teenage boy being taught this great Australian male tradition by his father.

P1140466Young children frolicked around the deck and tested their climbing skills on the enticing bush covered hill as parents watched on. Only a few scraped their knees.

The mum-to-be loves to bake and the highlight of the day was the cutting of the extraordinary rainbow cake she had made.



P1140457It was lovely to watch the mum and dad open the baby presents at this unconventional baby shower. What a glorious wardrobe this baby will have, snuggled up in outfits and wraps given by friends and family who already love her. It takes a village to raise a child. This child’s village spans Australia and we will welcome her with open arms.

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  1. Anne 16/09/2015 / 10:55 pm

    Yes and I think I appreciate them more the older I get

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