A week or so on the run

P1070361We’ve been on the run for about a week, maybe just a bit more, and time is starting to slide. I have very little idea of what day it is and it feels as if I have been away for a long time. Bliss. This somehow feels different than a holiday. Having six months off creates a new perspective. Sorry work but I am not missing you.

P1070380Our pace has now dramatically slowed as we are spending time with my 65 year old sister who uses a walking stick and has challenges with mobility. It’s a humbling exercise in patience, one which I struggle with.

Now with my family of birth I have taken up the position as youngest sister and slid easily into the middle seat in the back of the car, a place where I suspect many youngest sisters live. My daughter will laugh at this as often her place in our family car is the middle seat. There are not many situations where I am now the “youngest” of anything so I will relish my place.

I am already getting tired of restaurant and fast food meals which means that for the first time in a long time I am thinking about cooking, not that I am doing any. Steven cooked bacon and eggs for dinner and it tasted like a treat.

As the frenzy of work has absented my head I have space for other ideas to float by but right now I’m not thinking of much more than how extraordinarily beautiful Queenstown is.

Steven and I are muddling along beauP1070378tifully together… there will be a time along this journey when I suspect we will need time out from each other.

I’ll update regularly about our experience on the run… but I couldn’t possibly set a timetable for that….or anything.

2 thoughts on “A week or so on the run

  1. Mary Ann 14/02/2015 / 7:20 am

    Interesting how we slide back in to our family birth order spots. I experience this every time I visit California – the most striking was many years ago with my older sister Joanie telling me not to drive to see her in the rain – I had been living in Cairns for years where torrential rain was a normal part of the driving experience, yet as the youngest of the family I said ok, won’t drive…..

    Love to hear about how your perception of time is shifting and look forward to reading how it continues to evolve.

    • Anne 14/02/2015 / 2:38 pm

      Ha ha, I’ve been fascinated by family dynamics for a long time. Hope you drive in the rain next time you want to.

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