Lycra, Prawns & Pinot

Cycling shouldn’t just be about sweat and spinning wheels across the pavement. We mamil’s (middle-aged men in lycra) are far more couth than that!

Prawns & Pinot

The idea of a Prawn and Pinot ride came to me last Easter, when I recognised that our favourite route not only included the parklands and foreshore of Moreton Bay, but went right past the moorings of the Moreton Bay prawn trawler fleet on Cabbage Tree Creek.

Since that time I have enjoyed the experience on three occasions. The latest was yesterday on my final ride with the boys, before running away.

imageThe great thing about a Prawn and Pinot ride is not only the usual exercise and camaraderie, but the comments of surprise and jealousy we receive from others who witness the occasion. Its not everyday day you spy a group of lycra clad middle aged men sipping a crisp chilled pinot gris, shelling freshly caught king prawns at 7.30am on a Saturday morning by the Bay.  The most common remark I get from those sipping their latte is “Awesome… what a great way to start the day”.

The Prawn and Pinot tradition will continue to be used on special occasions, or whenever we feel like it – lets face it, life’s too short to miss an opportunity to enjoy good friends, good food and wine and a picnic by the Bay.

Anne & I are just about to embark on our long awaited six month escape, with the first stop being the Otago Rail Trail bike trip on the South Island of New Zealand. I’m expecting some great things to blog about, but not anticipating a 7.30am Prawn and Pinot run.

We just checked the weather for the Central Otago region…..97% chance of rain, with a high of 15⁰C, and a low of 5⁰C. I think we better re-think our travel clothing choice.

2 thoughts on “Lycra, Prawns & Pinot

  1. Christine 04/02/2015 / 8:42 am

    I only heard the word ‘Mamil’s’ for the first time over the weekend when Phil Lygett used the word … i thought it so funny! Have to ask – do you have a t-shirt that says “I am a Mamil!” ?

    • Steve 04/02/2015 / 8:46 am

      Thanks Christine… I don’t have a MAMIL shirt. Maybe there is a business opportunity 🙂

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