The Otago Rail Trail – Clyde to Wedderburn

The prospect of heading off on a 152km cycle trip over four days, in the knowledge that the first 2 days would require you to push those pedals and climb a 618m summit is more than a little daunting for we non-Tour de France riders. But that’s what Anne and I, and our very close friends, Mary-Ann and Lawrence did, and our smiles could not be broader.

P1060972 (2)The Otago Rail Trail has not disappointed us, in part due to the wonderful organisation and communication with Sandra and the team at Trail Journeys, based at the start of the trail in Clyde, and also in part to our own preparation. Trail Journeys sorted all the logistics, from collecting us in Queenstown, providing our bikes, booking our accommodation and moving our luggage each day. All that was left for us was push the pedals and enjoy the experience.

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