Just a Walk in the Park – Xining

cranesWe are in Xining because that’s where we will catch the train to Lhasa, Tibet.  It’s certainly not the most attractive city that I’ve been in.  It’s surrounded by barren rock like hills, with a population of 2 million living in the multitude of ever increasing high rise apartment blocks which stand like sentinels across the skyline. The air is heavy with smog and dust.  I have read that Xining has been dubbed the “summer resort capital of China” due to its cool summer, but somehow can’t see the attraction.

So, after picking up our train tickets to Lhasa from the station, and feeling uninspired to visit tombs or temples I pointed to the largest green space on the Chinese language map and said “let’s go there”.  We flagged down the taxi, pointed to the map and were delivered to the Peoples Park.

P1100281 (2)Somehow the air was clearer there and we spent an enjoyable couple of hours wandering through this community park.  As we ate our ice creams we watched Continue reading