Pedals and Paddles

I never thought my most enjoyable city experience would involve some form of exercise, but as I continue to explore new places, the more I find myself seeking out alternative transport options.

Melbourne has impressed me as a city of diversity, from the new and old architecture, the multi-cultural flavours, the trams, the sport, and of course, the weather. For now, the weather has been fabulous, but I am assured that this is just luck, and am encouraged to make the most of it whilst it lasts. So make the most of it we have.

P1080259Anne and I have incorporated cycling into our daily life over the past few years, and added it as a “must do” activity to most of our holidays in recent years, so it was a no brainer to consider cycling along the Yarra River during our current visit to Melbourne. The tourist information centre was great, providing us three options for bike rental. The Melbourne “Blue Bike” system, “Rentabike” on Federation Square, or “Freddy’s” down on Batman Park. We chose Continue reading

Where a journey takes you

P1080249We take many journeys through life and they are not all connected with travel.  Major life journeys I have enjoyed include studying at university, getting married, building a house and of course having children.  I love the way you start at some place with no clear view of where you will end up, and the journey unfolds as you go along.  I have long believed that life is about the journey not the destination.  Writing the book of my friends life has been another journey that has led me to delightfully unexpected places.

When I agreed to write the book, I envisaged Continue reading