Travel essentials: Sarongs, Baking Trays and a Leatherman

P1060956A sarong has always been an essential travel item for me.  Not one of those gauzy little numbers that wouldn’t fit across my hips.  My sarong is strong, opaque and expansive.  Of course the sarong is great for the beach and I know that there are a 100 ways to tie it into some fancy dress.  I do use it like that but it’s the other uses that make it essential for my bag.   The sarong has a multitude of uses:  a dressing gown, beach mat, towel, picnic rug, table cloth, a sheet on dubious beds, scarf, modesty covering for temples, mosques and churches and it’s a great creator of shade.  I’ve even wrapped my dirty laundry in it.  It takes up next to no room in the bag so how could I not take it?

My friend Kerryn tells me that her travel essential is aluminium baking trays and Continue reading