5 delightfully therapeutic TED talks to improve your mental health.


These 5 delightfully therapeutic TED Talks are perfect when your head is a cacophony of critical chatter or your brain barrages you with blasts of self-blame. Take time, less than 18 minutes, to listen to a voice other than your own which is, after all, just telling you a story that you’ve probably heard many times before.

All these speakers know how hard it is to be human and yet still inspire us to be better. Clients tell me these talks make you feel that you’re ok, even if you’re not perfect.  TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a not for profit organisation spreading ideas in the form of powerful talks. Before you start listening,  scroll to the bottom of the post for some therapeutic listening tips.

1. The Power of Vulnerability

Let’s start with Brene Brown. Her first talk, The Power of Vulnerability, is one I’ve listened to many times and encourage most clients to listen to.  If you’ve ever thought your vulnerability was a weakness then this talk is for you.  Its funny, poignant and uplifting.

2. Listening to Shame

Brene Brown is so inspiring she’s got two on the list.  Listening to Shame is for anyone who bows their head and thinks “I’m not good enough”.  Again, Brene is funny, engaging and delightfully confronting.

3. The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage

Psychologist Susan David explores the power of the so-called negative emotions.  Try this talk if you’ve ever believed you shouldn’t feel the way you feel or if you try to avoid negative emotions.

3. Your body language may shape who you are

Need a boost to your confidence?  Amy Cuddy challenges us to change our posture to change our confidence.

5.  Ze Frank – Are you human?

And because we all need to laugh, take Ze Frank’s test: Am I a human being?

Therapeutic Listening Tips.

Don’t let the words just drift aimlessly over your head.  Engage with the speaker, as if they were talking directly to you.  Here are some questions you could ask yourself, maybe you could even take some notes.

  • If I was raving to a friend about this talk, what would be the three most important points to share?
  • What new ideas does the speaker give me?
  • What one action can I take today after listening to this talk?
  • How did I feel while listening to this talk?
  • Is there something I didn’t understand? Who could I discuss the ideas with?
  • What do I disagree with the speaker about? Who can I talk to about this?

Which was your favourite talk? I’d also love to know what talks you’d add to the list, and they don’t just have to be TED talks.  Let me know in the comments below, or on Facebook.  

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