What have you left behind? – A change of career!

Have you ever stopped to think about what you’ve got to show for the years you’ve invested into your career? I’m not talking about your pay check, but the other tangible and intangible results or outcomes that you can hang your hat on and say with pride…..I did that.


I guess that’s exactly what I’ve done over the past week whilst packing my office and readying myself to leave the Queensland Government. I’ve been there eleven years, and it’s the longest period I’ve spent with one employer in my working life! You’d hope I’d made a difference and had something to show after such a long run.

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As I stood over the shredding bin feeding in those many copied documents and personal notes that I had retained over the years, just in case I might need them for future reference, I started to wonder if that’s what my eleven years had all boiled down to……..a bin full of shredded paper that no one would give a second thought. A bit harsh I know, but it was exactly how I felt.

I guess it’s not the pieces of paper that are the things you want to leave behind and be remembered for, but I must say……….I have written a decent number of mighty fine briefing notes in my time.

IMG_0606 (2)When I reflect on my career achievements at Queensland Government, a number stand out. I have designed and delivered workshops, web content, programs and projects for businesses and government, I have made presentations and engaged in roundtable consultations with Government Ministers and foreign dignitaries, and I have facilitated policy feedback sessions with community, regional and industry groups. All of these things have added to the long term economic benefit of the State.  That’s been one of the key objectives of my role.

imageNone of this would have been possible on my own. The intangibles developed and nurtured over my eleven year have contributed to this success. It’s been the skills and cohesion instilled within my team, the professional relationships grown within and outside of government, and the collaborative partners that I ’ve worked with which have provided me the greatest satisfaction. These are the things that I’ll take with me.

It took a few farewell emails from friends and colleagues to put into perspective the fruits of my labour. The one that I take as the best measure of success………”All the best. Keep in touch and if you ever want to come back, talk to me.”

It’s not my intention to be going back, but it’s nice to know that someone will have me.

2 thoughts on “What have you left behind? – A change of career!

  1. Phil 04/11/2015 / 8:55 am

    Great testimony to your dedication and enthusiasm over the last 11 years Steve. Having just been through a similar reflective process myself, it certainly prods you to recognise the good (amongst the ephemeral). All the best.

    • Steve 04/11/2015 / 9:07 am

      Thanks Phil – none of us can afford to overlook the good because there is plenty of it

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