Discovering the neighbourhood in Tainmu, Taipei


After a leisurely breakfast with Jack and Kitty, our hosts in Taipei, we were introduced to the delights of their neighbourhood, all within a few blocks of their home.

The population of Taiwan is around 24 million on an island which is only 36,000 square km.  A lot of those people live in Taipei and you can feel the density and intensity of the population.

First stop was the Taoist Temple, this bright and joyful temple seem to be a celebration of life and vitality.


P1080703Next was our introduction to icy, sweet milky tea with bubbles (tapioca balls) delicious and refreshing.

We passed by their favourite local restaurant and checked out the dazzling array of food.


P1080704 (2)Then it was on to the well stocked bottle shop where our American host ordered Australian wine from a French Sommelier.  Were we really in Taiwan?



P1080714After Kitty and I had a rest in the park they told me that we would go on a short walk up into the mountains.  





It was a strange, hot and challenging walk up the mountain. Where I expected a dirt path there were tiled stairs, which seemed to be never ending.





But the view of Taipei from the top was amazing and well worth the effort.

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